Letter to the Editor: Flood of Letters from Liberal Activists

Time to set the record straight. The vocal few anti-Trump haters sure post a lot of political messages. Misleading and politically motivated. There really isn’t much support or enthusiasm for Basement Joe, but the MSM created three and a half years of political propaganda to create it for power.

No matter the propaganda, Americans can clearly see the real dangers of Democrats ignoring chaos and lawlessness in all major cities. It is getting worse, and they have been in control of these cities for decades!

In my opinion, I think President Donald J. Trump has created record prosperity, especially for minorities and record Black and Hispanic support. He also created opportunity zones; the first step for nonviolent offenders; low taxes; and manufacturing jobs back in the USA, whereas Obama/Biden said, “They ain’t coming back.”

President Trump issues a China travel ban Jan. 31 while Democrats cared only about impeachment and Pelosi ripping up SOTU papers.

Trump discussed the proposals for COVID-19 during SOTU. Democrats sat on their butts. Biden called Trump racist, hysterical. We suffered three and a half years of hate and propaganda, the Russia farce, Ukraine fiasco, Kavanaugh trashing.

Biden is incoherent and controlled by the Socialists, gives a few scripted comments, then back to his basement. I am sure he won’t debate live! We will lose more liberty and have seen the big-government control by them already!

Just use common sense, or suffer the planned transformation of our great country before it’s beyond our control!

Henry Cross

Forestville, Wisconsin