Letter to the Editor: Geologically Significant Quarry Property Is Worth Preserving

Every day we can look out our window and see the beauty of the former Leathem and Smith quarry. This site is in danger of being developed into Quarry Bluff Estates housing plots. 

But our personal concern is not why we are writing today. This should be a concern for all of us. The quarry is part of the beauty that makes Door County special. Its beauty, however, is ecologically fragile. Any development could put in danger the karst structure of the quarry, with its fissures, caves and sinkholes. 

This geologically significant piece of land needs to be preserved. That’s why it’s very disappointing that the owners will not consider a discussion to save this land for all of us and for generations to come.

Eileen and Tom Schwalbach 

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Jeannie and Ken Hill

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin