Letter to the Editor: Letter on Freedom Doesn’t Bear Up

A letter in your recent letters to the Peninsula Pulse deserves comment. 

To characterize as “freedom” the ability for a woman to snuff out the life of her unborn child is a very difficult position to justify. It is certainly not a freedom guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States nor justified as simple human morality.

The writer also attributes to the Republican Party an authoritarian bent that does not bear up under an examination of the facts. Most Republican candidates do not believe in restricting voter access, but rather, they favor enforcing our laws to ensure the integrity of the vote and prevent cheating. 

Most Republicans do not favor banning contraception or same-sex marriage. It is woke Democrats who are against freedom in education and school choice, including some book bannings. 

It is Democrats who for generations favored top-down government control over more and more of our daily lives. Witness all the restrictions during COVID-19 that were pushed strongly nationally and in Democratic states. 

Consider all the restrictions Democrats favor on economic activity, such as on oil and gas pipelines, drilling, and on business in general, such as minimum wages, licensing of trades such as hairdressing and even home decorating. In fact, the Democrats have been increasing government regulations (this is what authoritarianism means from my perspective) for generations.

This afternoon I was taking a walk on a county road when I encountered a woman removing four candidate signs on a wooded property at the corner of a residential side road. When asked, the woman said she was the owner of the property and had not given permission for the posting of the signs. The signs were for Democratic candidates. It appears some Democrats feel that freedom includes the right to violate private property.

Randy Kenny

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin