Letter to the Editor: Lions Serve with Vision Screening

In cooperation with the Door County Public Health and Human Services Department, the six Lions Clubs of Door County screened school children this fall for vision problems. We screened 1,823 students with standard eye charts and 453 with an automated photorefractor. Of this total, 149 students were referred for professional examination.

I want to thank Public Health school aide Sara Neu for coordinating the program with the schools, Egg Harbor Lion Jim Sanden for scheduling the Lions at 10 public and parochial schools, and all 24 Lions and friends who participated in this countywide effort.

Ever since 1925, when Helen Keller asked Lions to be her “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness,” the primary goal of Lions has been sight conservation. A critical part of our mission is to screen children early to identify those who may have possible vision problems that require follow-up care and treatment by eye-care professionals. Door County Lions once again lived our motto, “We Serve.”

Jim Karwowski

Sturgeon Bay Lions Club

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin