Letter to the Editor: Locals Support Better Lives for Visitors

In response to the idea that visitors help support better lives for local residents – h**l, no. At least not in today’s world. 

At one time, in our not-so-distant past, they actually did. But in today’s world, those with deep pockets who have visited previously (or maybe not), and have now decided to scoop up properties by offering over-and-above prices, have effectively made sure that those who have lived here since birth or shortly thereafter are being pushed out because living and working here has become unaffordable for the working class.

Door County is currently on the road to implosion because the powers that be (especially within the Door County tourism bureau) are pushing advanced tourism with absolutely no consideration of the backbone of any community – which is those who work and serve those visitors.

Within our communities, we have seen the closure of many businesses, and if they haven’t closed, they are operating at reduced hours because they don’t have sufficient staffing. And, most importantly, those working at these businesses are running their butts off to service those who are visiting while sacrificing their personal lives, with little to no appreciation or respect, hoping to h**l that what they are doing will pay their bills and feed and support their families.

Then, adding insult to injury, the working-class individuals, many of us with deep roots, have received in the mail the current property assessments that will drive more of the working class away due to not only increased property taxes, but increased homeowner’s insurance premiums.

It’s beyond time that our community, local governments and entities start paying attention to what makes Door County tourism both viable and possible – which is those of us who work here.

I am way past exhausted and sick and tired of being treated as “less than” because of the fact that I have lived here my entire life, work my butt off to have what I have, and increasingly, especially within the recent past, am made to feel that I just may need to reassess my future.

Jeni Tveten

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin