Letter to the Editor: More Choices, More Conversations Needed

With respect to Mr. Woldt’s pain and acknowledgement of his views, most, if not all, of Caleb Frostman’s supporters have grave concerns regarding the values held by the current iteration of the Republican Party.

Those who voted for Mr. Frostman value Democracy. We do not value  autocracy and autocratic ideas frequently alluded to by the leader of the Republican Party. We value access to the ballot box, not limiting that access.

While many of Mr. Frostman’s supporters hold religious beliefs, they value Democracy and see no value in theocracy.

While many of Mr. Frostman’s supporters are well off financially, they abhor the Citizens United decision. We value Democracy and see no value in plutocracy, or kleptocracy.

We value the U.S. Constitution and the Separation of Powers and checks and balances found therein. We value all of the amendments, including the second, and do not hold that one is more important or legitimate than another. We understand those amendments coming after the original 10 reflect the nation’s learning of a deeper understanding of representative democracy and citizenship.

Mr. Frostman’s supporters do not believe in one party rule and we would prefer more choices, more real conversation. However, for the time being, we will use a tactic offered by the Republican party’s own leader and we will not support any Republican candidate until we figure out what the heck is really going on.

Yes indeed, it is painful.

Cathy Ward

Ellison Bay, Wis.

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