Letter to the Editor: Name Fear to Overcome Incivility

In response to Mr. Krueger’s assertion that civil discourse is impossible in the atmosphere of hate propagated by news networks, All news networks (including those Mr. Krueger leaves unnamed) profit from connections to centers of political power. Political power is founded on offering relief to the fears of the governed. It serves those in power to maintain a level of fear in order to justify themselves.

I invite us to consider that as free thinking beings, we can overcome the incivility by naming fear when we see it. We have fallen into a well where any expression of an opposing opinion is viewed as an act of hatred. But we can live civilly, and engage in rigorous discourse, by remembering that we all share some common objectives. We all want to live in peace, we all want to raise healthy and productive families, we all want to feel that our unique expression of humanity is valued by our community. We must always be on guard against those who would use our fears to gain and sustain their own personal power.

This letter refers to no political figure or party in particular. For every issue there are at least two ways to fear. When we recognize our own fears, and speak them honestly, we can better listen to the fears of others. The public conversation is dominated by those who profit from fear. We can change that by not reacting to what they propagate, and listening to each other instead.

Rev. Mark Richards

Egg Harbor, Wis.