Letter to the Editor: Nonsense from the White House

If someone has a rational explanation for U.S. Attorney William Barr standing, looking and acting like a doleful marshmallow (with zero to contribute in the absence of a means to criminally prosecute the coronavirus) next to POTUS Trump on the coronavirus task force podium yesterday rather than Dr. Anthony Fauci, I’d like to have it shared with me at once before losing all faith in this government to competently serve dire public need as never before encountered. 

With all this country has to contend with now, how much really nutcase stuff like this can be tolerated from this White House without a massive crying out from the public, the press and every conceivable media outlet? A single report appeared on the screen this morning, commenting on Dr. Fauci’s absence, but that’s it!

POTUS anecdotal meanderings (pointedly dismissed by Dr. Fauci) have already led (also due to the Darwin Effect) to a loss of a life in Arizona, the husband in critical condition. Now is not the time for presidentially imagined fairy tales coming from entirely outside any credible realm of medical science! 

I personally am finding it difficult to contend with the total, unutterable nonsense coming out of the White House (currently with respect to the coronavirus) but have nowhere to turn, of course, except to this keyboard. 

In any case, the question needs to be asked: Where are Dr. Fauci and his cadre of competents? If you also think we need them to be involved on a daily basis, please – you, too – speak out, especially if you can think of more effective ways to do so than this, even if it’s only to forward.

Dean Shumway

Liberty Grove, Wisconsin