Letter to the Editor: Politics at Its Worst

Tyler Huebner, Wisconsin Public Service Commissioner, was fired Jan. 16, by the Republican-led Senate. He is the 10th Governor Ever’s appointment to be rejected by Republicans.

In the three decades prior to Governor Ever’s election, the Senate had only rejected four such appointments.

Huebner operated as a commissioner for nearly four years without confirmation by Republicans, overseeing monopoly-based state utilities. including energy production, water and broadband. His confirmation was supported by four out of five investor-owned Wisconsin utilities, which shows he was well respected by those he shepherded.

Educated with a Master’s Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Stanford, he is considered one of the brightest minds in renewable energy. He left saying he was proud of the work he had done to support Wisconsin utilities’ safety, reliability and affordability.

State Sen. Brad Pfaff (D-Onalaska) said in a story, “it wasn’t just about the appointee, but an attack on clean energy, the environment and the democratic process.”

Sen. Jeff Smith (D-Brunswick) stated in a Wisconsin Examiner story that, “Commissioner Huebner’s renewable energy experience is incredibly valuable for keeping rates lower for consumers across Wisconsin,” and that, “Republicans need to stop playing politics and allow qualified people to serve our state.”

Commissioner Huebner was a great servant to the Wisconsin people. His differences of opinion with State Senate Republicans were justifiably explained to them, but not tolerated. This is politics at its worst, and Huebner and Wisconsin citizens suffer for it.

Let’s do what we can to correct this course in this Fall’s election.

John Hermanson

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin