Letter to the Editor: Rep. Gallagher and Sen. Johnson, Where Do You Stand?

As one concerned about gun safety, I’m heartened by the actions of U.S. businesses such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart as they discontinue/reduce gun sales. At the same time, I support Target, Starbucks, Kroger and others that are discouraging the “open carry of a weapon” in their stores. These businesses are risking their bottom line as they take a stand for gun safety though I’m sure they’re aware that a large percentage of the public supports their actions. 

So it’s interesting that so many members of Congress are turning their backs on gun safety, but of course, they don’t worry about the bottom line if their money comes from the NRA, and “open carry” is not a concern as no weapons are allowed in their place of work. 

Rep. Gallagher and Sen. Johnson, where do you stand? 

Gloria Dougherty

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin