Letter to the Editor: Roadblocks, Manhunt, Lockdown

We, the undersigned, are very disappointed, frustrated and confused regarding the recent potentially unsafe disturbance in our normally serene neighborhood. In addition to the complete and total lack of coverage and reporting from our local papers, commonly referred as “news” media, the local radio stations only briefly mentioned the occurrence.

We assume you are aware of the serious situation which occured in the Moonlight Bay Estates and Cana Island areas just north of Baileys Harbor starting midday on Thursday, June 21st and continuing throughout the night until we only heard rumors eluding to a capture the following day. Many of us residing in these communities were greatly inconvenienced and obviously very alarmed, nevertheless accurate and thorough details are still unknown because our local media chooses to ignore same. Evidently, neither of the peninsula’s printed media sources thought it was necessary or even had the desire to employ the time or the people to investigate and report.

To fill you in, residents and tourists were restricted by emergency vehicles and armed officers from leaving the area and instructed to return to their homes, stay inside and lock their doors as a manhunt for a person with mental health issues and considered to be dangerous was in progress. There was never an explanation provided by yourselves even though the media was notified through the Sheriff’s official report on Friday, June 22nd. Equally puzzling, there also was never an official “all clear” announcement given although deputies were supposedly told to contact those affected. We were not!

In addition to the numerous travelers and tourists, the heavily wooded neighborhoods in question had many children, senior citizens and other residents in the area where the police believed the “dangerous” individual was sighted. Please explain why the Pulse has time and space for political comments from places oftentimes remote to Door County and the Advocate displays constant reporting on “dirt piles” in Sturgeon Bay yet exhibit a total disregard for the people actually living here when a serious issue arises.

We sincerely hope you have the will and the courage to print this letter and follow up with an explanation of the aforementioned event so we can understand and appreciate what truly happened.


Carl Podlesek and Bernard Sielen

Baileys Harbor, Wis.


Editor’s note:  One man’s news is another man’s siren chasing. The Pulse does not chase sirens. The Pulse did not receive any information regarding this event from the Sheriff’s office. And the comment about “space for political comments from places oftentimes remote to Door County” does not compute.

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