Letter to the Editor: Silence Won’t Protect Us

As I look at the madness surrounding our country, one has to wonder whether we will ever know peace again. These last four years – and especially the last nine months – have been mostly chaos, driven by a president with no moral compass, no empathy and incompetence on a large scale. 

We are now approaching 300,000 dead from a virus that was known in January but denied for critical months. We now have the denial of not losing the election when it has been proven again and again that the results were correct. And now we have more than 100 congressional representatives standing up and backing these untruths for fear of not being reelected or retaliated against by this president. Power is a powerful motivator.

What we are seeing is lying trying to hijack our democracy. We, the people, must not be weary in doing what is right. We must continue to call, write and stand up to these people who would continue to undermine our democracy and our country. 

Over the years, we’ve read and heard many people quoting the Bible to suit their cause, so here’s one from the prophet Isaiah for all the legislators and people who would stand on the side of lies:

“Woe to the guilty! How unfortunate they are, for what their hands have done shall be done to them.” — Isaiah 3:11 

Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin