Letter to the Editor: Sorry to Lose Ellison Bay Pottery

It is with sadness I read that John Dietrich is closing Ellison Bay Pottery (“Gallery Closes, Era Ends”, Jan. 26 Peninsula Pulse). I want to applaud John for his commitment and dedication to creating exquisite pottery in Ellison Bay.

We met John in the early years, and appreciate his personal welcome and gentle humility. After our shopping in the gallery, John would come from his studio to greet us, and often invite us to see him work. We are grateful for our collection of John Dietrich’s pottery in our home: mugs, teapot, soup tureen and bowls, vase, candle holders, pitchers. We gave our daughter his pottery wine goblets as a wedding gift.

We are sorry to lose Ellison Bay Pottery. May John Dietrich and his wife, Diane McNeil, be well, and continue to create art.

Lee LeVoy Ellison Bay, Wisconsin