Letter to the Editor: Supporting Dan Kelly

I encourage people to vote for Justice Dan Kelly for the state Supreme Court on or before April 7. He has been endorsed by a majority of sheriffs across Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Police Association, Wisconsin Right to Life and the Wisconsin Realtors Association, to name a few. 

He is a justice who believes in the original meaning of the Constitution and believes that decisions he makes should be based on the law as written, not on his own personal political beliefs. In his own words, “There is no end to the mischief the judiciary causes when it abandons its role of declaring what the law is, and instead arrogates to itself the power to develop new law in place of what it received from the ultimate lawgivers – the people of the state of Wisconsin and the United States.” 

He is against legislating from the bench and believes policymaking should be left to legislators elected by the people. It is his desire to “serve the people of this state by applying, protecting and preserving the rule of law in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.” 

I ask that you give him the chance to continue to serve on the state Supreme Court for the next 10 years. I believe he has the proper temperament, experience and judicial philosophy to fulfill his role as a justice. Please consider voting for him to uphold our constitutional rights. 

Stephanie Soucek

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin