Letter to the Editor: Take a Spin on the Magical Granary Ride

I wish to submit the following observation and suggestion regarding expanded use for the Granary…

The city’s Rocket Scientists should come together, and implement the following plan… 1st. Install windows around the perimeter of the building, 2nd. Install comfortable seating, 3rd. Install a stairway, or a elevator to the top of the Histerical structure. 4. Install railroad tracks across the Oregon Street bridge… the Granary could travel back and forth every hour, and as the attraction gains momentum… then increase to eventually 24 hours a day…AND THEN sell tickets to the Tourists to ride on the Magical Granary ride. (Hopefully the city would not get sued for copying the ‘Magical Ferry Ride’ on the Washington Island Ferry.)

Collateral damage could possibly occur when this is implemented, west side business could suffer from traffic congestion because of parking congestion, Sturgeon Bay would probably have to build a multi floor parking structure on the old Granary Site. probably Door County Trolley would suffer considerable loss of ridership, the Cherry Train on Washington Island would probably go out of business… Along with probably 1/2 of all Northern Door Businesses would fold up their tent and give up.

It could have advertising spin , after you ‘Ride the Granary’, you have done it all, no need to waste your time or money to go North..there is nothing else to see….

Or…if you have been to Space Mountain at Disney World, this Is even more thrilling? Comparable to 6 FLAGS, over Chambers Island, etc.

To handle all the traffic congestion on the West Side, from this attraction, the city can build a multi level parking on the old Granary site.

Al Lohman

Egg Harbor, Wis.