Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Writing about Lyme Disease

I’d like to thank Celeste for writing about Lyme Disease being on the rise. I was bit in our yard in Egg Harbor in 2013 and never saw the tick on me, even after a tick check. It was a nymph deer tick which is as small as a period. 

I only hope Door County hospitals/doctors are aware of how to treat Lyme disease. The CDC does not know enough as conventional medicine has not been trained to treat Lyme. And they have it wrong when they say we can contract Lyme disease after a tick has penetrated the skin after 24-36 hours. It only takes a couple hours depending on the type of tick. 

We need to urge Door County to bring in integrative or functional medicine doctors who specialize in Lyme disease because the symptoms are many and both conventional doctors as well as the general public doesn’t understand the severity of disease as it can cause death. Wisconsin does not have enough Lyme specialists for the amount of people contracting this debilitating and expensive disease. There is currently one specialist in the Green Bay Area that I’m aware of, and one is not enough.

Barb Schroeder

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin