Letter to the Editor: The Time for a Moral Reckoning Is Now

It is never easy to do the right thing, especially in these times. It is much easier to look the other way and do nothing. Where are the voices of moral leadership today regarding the actions of Donald Trump?

I expected evangelicals of Protestant and Catholic persuasions to speak out, but they are silent. They continue to support a man who has been thrice married, committed adultery repeatedly, separates children from their immigrant parents, fans the flames of bigotry and hatred, lies wantonly daily, etc. Their silence is a dangerous Faustian bargain.

I expected the Mueller Report to demonstrate that the President of the United States is not above the law. But Mueller chose to follow a Justice Department “policy” to never indict a sitting American President, while showing clear Trump actions of intent to obstruct justice, and action of obstruction, in the firing of Comey. Mueller deferred action to Congress. But will they act? The Republicans will not. They support the President. Will the Democrats.?

Historian Jon Meacham, in his book, The Soul of America, does give us leadership on this issue: “I am writing now not because past presidents have always risen to the occasion (of moral leadership) but because the incumbent American president so rarely does.” And again: “How, then … at a time when a president of the United States appears determined to undermine the rule of law, a free press, and the sense of hope essential to American life, can those with deep concerns about the nation’s future enlist on the side of the angels?” His first direction to us is, Enter The Arena. Raise your voice.

In this spirit, I call on Congress to begin Impeachment proceedings against this President. If impeachment fails, then the American people will need to render their judgment by defeating Donald Trump in 2020. The time for a moral reckoning is now.

Patrick Cerra

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin