Letter to the Editor: Those Who Voted for Mike Johnson Must Agree With Him

Since we are fortunate to have the original homestead in Kenosha and our Home Sweet Home in West Jacksonport, we are represented by two giants in the “People’s House” – Bryan Steil and Mike Gallagher respectively. 

It’s rather discomforting to see that they voted for a fellow like Mike Johnson for Speaker of the House, completely purposefully and astonishingly ignoring and disregarding his CV. Of course they had to know that, among other things, he checks off all the Maga requirements: he’s an election denier; Jan. 6 was a peaceful protest; anti-vax and COVID-19 a hoax; wants to cut SS and Medicare; anti-abortion, believes abortions are performed after birth; and Trump won 2020. 

So the pertinent question, at least for this voter is, after casting your votes for Mike Johnson, is it safe to assume that you agree with him? 

Many of your constituents eagerly await your thoughtful responses.

Mike Serpe

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin