Letter to the Editor: Very Interesting

By the time this letter is printed, the election will have happened, so I almost wasn’t going to comment.

But, I find it very interesting how the town politics of Fish Creek are shaping up.

I guess if you say that the parking lot was “rammed down” people’s throats enough, it almost makes the 12 times it was on the agenda disappear.

I guess if you say the cutting down of trees for a new parking lot is “devastation,” it almost makes those yellow condos less hideous.

I guess if you claim that current town leadership is part of some “good old boys” network who doesn’t have the community’s best interests in mind, it’s almost as if the YMCA, the sewer, and the beach expansion never happened.

It’s darn near Trumpian.

Has anybody seen what’s been going on in Fish Creek in the last few years? While some areas in our community are greenlighting every possible project that comes along (the long-term outcomes still yet to be seen), and other communities are fighting over decaying buildings (which, surprisingly, nobody seemed to care about a couple years ago, but now are the raison d’etre for so many), Fish Creek has seen the old Adventist church and Summertime restaurant tastefully renovated, a Julie’s expansion, the doubling of the town beach, as well as the rise of a new and excited crop of business owners in town.

Anybody suggesting that parking in Fish Creek is not an issue has very possibly not been in Fish Creek during the busy season. Oh, and speaking of not being in Fish Creek, maybe we should all just listen to Spyglass Marine Services, LLC of Naperville, Illinois when they send out mass mailing smear jobs against our local candidates.


Scotty Watts

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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