Letter: Vote for the Residents

The website for Sister Bay states: “The Village of Sister Bay is a friendly, thriving community where residents and visitors alike enjoy the natural beauty of its surroundings enhanced by well-maintained parks and the natural environment….The Village has carefully controlled growth to maintain its charm, character and natural beauty.”

How does a working quarry fit into this picture? Not only does it create noise and silica, but also reduces the property values surrounding the area! The change would not be in the best interests of the public and would not promote the health, safety and welfare of the public. This zoning change would be contrary to the village’s own land use plan where it is written, that the village does not wish to encourage industrial uses with in the village.

As I was gathering signatures of those opposing this change, a common response began to develop. Many residents expressed disgust with the way in which the village planning commission and trustees operate. They noted that the village board has their minds made up and it’s considered a “done deal” before we even know about an issue.

How sad. I was under the assumption that the village planning commission and trustees should be voting in the best interests of the residents and their wishes. We are, after all, the people who voted you into those positions and should be voting to represent us and not some absentee landlord who does not live here and has shown no respect for the residents, village or for that matter the village government.

To the Village of Sister Bay trustees who have the tenacity to vote against the conditional use agreement, I thank you for supporting the residents of Sister Bay.

Carol Kenneweg

Sister Bay, Wis.

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