Louisiana Blues Master Tab Benoit at Peg Egan PAC

With all the makings of an American icon, Tab Benoit has become one of the premiere roots stylist of the century. He will be playing on Sunday, July 12 at the Peg Egan Performing Arts Center in Egg Harbor. The concert takes place at 7 pm and is free to the general public.

Way down in the heart of steamy South Louisiana there is a run-down brick building where magic is known to happen on any given night. After a good, greasy meal, they are treated to the most authentic blues around. It is here, at Tabby’s Blues Box and Heritage Hall in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where Tab Benoit played to gain acceptance among the true blues fans and players of the genre, while earning the customary thirteen dollars a night.

Benoit has fond memories of the leaky roof, the outdated PA system (a 1970s bass amplifier), and the appreciative crowd – a mixture of LSU students and neighborhood regulars. Benoit remembers a piece of advice from Tabby Thomas, the club’s proprietor, who told him, “If you play the blues, you’ll always have a job.”

Tab has taken Tabby’s advice to heart, maintaining his blues roots while hitting the road. For the past several years he’s been performing his own brand of Cajun rock and blues, night after night, while watching the size of his audience steadily increase. This grueling tour schedule has paid off – he now plays for standing room only crowds across the country, from major music cities to small town blues bars.

Even though Tab has been compared to some of the greatest bluesmen and guitarists of all time, he doesn’t aspire to be anybody. But there is one thing he does know – he’ll always have a job.

The Peg Egan PAC is located on Church Street in Egg Harbor, and in case of rain, all concerts are held at the Orchards Golf Course, also in Egg Harbor.

For more information, please call 920.493.5979.

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