Making Paper at the Woodwalk Gallery

Kay Collier works on a wet collage.

It has been a busy summer at the Handmade Paper Center at Woodwalk Gallery, and instructor Kirsten Christianson’s offerings have inspired students from across the United States.

Kay Collier, who comes up to Door County from Kentucky each summer to work with Christianson, used her time in the Door County studio to create papers from cotton pulp, which was dyed with pigments that penetrate the fibers, for use in dry collage applications. Collier also worked with the wet pulps to create collages within the wet work, laminating in some dried and pressed local plants.

“The process itself is a soul-full experience – a coming together of physical work and intuition,” said Collier. “I find the opportunity to allow the creation to develop in an organic way a gift in itself – and I am often completely surprised by the colors and patterns that emerge.”

For more information on the offerings at the Handmade Paper Center at Woodwalk Gallery, call Kirsten Christianson at 920.487.2729 or email [email protected].