Manners Matter: Baby Showers

Dear Mary Pat,

I was at a baby shower over the weekend that lasted five and a half hours. Why do people let these things go on for so long? It’s one thing if people are allowed to linger after the main festivities, but when lunch isn’t served until two hours in and then you have gifts and games? It’s too much of an imposition on a guest’s time, and to be frank, it’s rude. It’s to the point where I don’t want to ever accept another shower invitation again. Does this make me a terrible person?

Shower Scrooge
Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Dear Shower Scrooge,

You are not a terrible person. You are someone who understands that showers should not take the better part of the weekend. The issues with showers usually come down to too many guests being invited or too many things being planned for an afternoon/evening. One game is adorable; six games, not so much. Twenty guests are lovely; 68 guests are a circus. I don’t blame you for questioning whether to accept the next invitation. When you do receive another one, ask yourself which camp the host will likely fall into: gracious party giver or circus ringleader?

Good luck,
Mary Pat