Manners Matter: How to Deal with Election Results

Dear Mary Pat,

I’m really worried about the election results. There has been so much vitriol and ugliness online and in the news, and I’m fearful for what’s going to happen after the election. With so much uncertainty, how do I cope if my candidate doesn’t win? How do I help some of my friends cope if their candidate doesn’t win? This county seems to be just as split down the middle as the rest of the country. With both sides claiming the moral majority, how do we all accept what happens?


Concerned Voter

Ephraim, Wisconsin

Dear Concerned Voter,

Yes, we’ve seen some terrible things online; we’ve seen neighbors defacing other neighbors’ signs; and we’ve all been exposed to relentless campaign ads and news reports. I can’t wait for all of this to be over so we can try to focus on something else.

As I write this, it’s one day before Election Day. I’ve heard dozens of predictions as to who will win – with all kinds of supporting polling and data – but the truth is, no one knows what we’ll wake up to on Wednesday morning. My prayer is that we will have a clear winner and that we do not have any unrest. Things are at a boiling point, yet a lot of things are outside of our control. 

The only thing I can do is research the issues, vote with my conscience and not get dragged down into the mud with the name-callers and the people who thrive on dividing us all. If my candidate wins, I won’t gloat. If my candidate loses, I won’t let my disappointment get the better of me. If we all just do that, Wednesday morning will be a lot happier for everyone.

Worrying doesn’t accomplish anything, so it’s not time well spent. After the votes are counted, we’ll still have good friends and family members who won’t necessarily agree on everything, but we can certainly love them just the same.

Good luck,

Mary Pat 

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