Manners Matter: Jan. 22, 2016

Dear Mary Pat,

My mom is nearing retirement and just gave her notice to her bosses (she has two). She has worked at this company for 25 years and she is well liked, even loved, by everyone in the office. Due to her generosity, she has given them a four-month window to find her replacement. Her bosses are trying to stretch it out to six months, possibly eight. We thought she was being too generous in giving four months. Is there a polite way for her to push back? Aren’t her bosses expecting too much from her?



Let Go Already

Green Bay, Wis.


Dear Let Go Already,


Her bosses are human and they are feeling the panic of change. They don’t want to see your mother go, however, dragging her departure out isn’t doing your mother any favors as you know. If her bosses stepped back and looked at the situation objectively, they are probably doing the most damage to themselves and the company. When an employee is ready to move on, whether due to retirement, disenchantment or simply needing a change, it is best to find a replacement and move on. Staying stuck in the past will prevent them from finding the best new person for the job. I’m sure your mom is a hard worker and will diligently work her last couple of months, yet mentally she’s already half way out the door and unknowingly already partially checking out. After working a lifetime, it’s nearly impossible not to have that happen. Your mom should do whatever she can to assist in finding her replacement and give a firm departure date (sooner than later) to her bosses. If she is firm with her date, they will have to take her at her word and start to move on to the next chapter for their company.


Good luck,

Mary Pat

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