Marggie Hatala Now Provides End-of-Life Care Training, Certification

A certified Doulagiver End of Life Doula is now available in the Door County community to help support dying patients and their families. Marggie Hatala, a former Hospice RN, has now become a Certified End of Life Doula through Doulagivers International. Hatala works one on one with individual clients as well as offering training and certification for others who wish to learn this newly developing caregiving model.

Hatala offers individual care to her clients facing terminal illness at end of life. She combines her years of hospice training into her non-medical support for clients and their families. Based on a philosophy of care that is holistic, she provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support throughout the process involved in in end of life. She works through the period of diagnosis, through the client’s decline and death, and continues with the family during the bereavement period. Hatala is passionate about providing the best possible experience to the client and their family, and is committed to restoring the belief that death is a natural part of each of our lives.

“I see End of Life Doulas working alongside hospice to make the best possible experience for patients and loved ones. It takes each and every one of us to make this much needed positive change in end of life care.”

For more information, contact Hatala at 920.495.1566 or [email protected].

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