Midnight Stroll

#1 – One Night in Montana

Miss Moon holds fast and grabs my attention

Not much to do but pray for redemption

It’s kind of late and somewhat cold

This insomnia is seriously getting old

Miss Moon tells me life’s all yin and yang

And whispers to me in her solar slang

“I Promise not to wax or wane”

My misplaced security wishes for the same

These clouds crawl back leaving me exposed

leave! I’m in need some real repose

Your Cyclops stare cuts out my past

My cheeks blush red don’t look aghast

Revealing me to your shrewd perceptions 

I see now, all my bad decisions

Please dear heaven let me rest

I won’t be lumped in with all the rest

When she is at her full bright size

It is impossible to sleep with all these lies

Maybe, the reason her light keeps me awake

Is because it shows me as such a flake

Repentance, please take me with your shrouded hand 

And fly me somewhere with lots of sand