Monarch Tagging at The Ridges in Door County

The monarch butterfly is one of only a few insects that migrate to a warmer climate for the winter. Their unique wing structure and yearly life cycle makes it possible to travel thousands of miles to wintering areas in Mexico and southern California. Learn more about these colorful migrants during a program on Monarch Tagging, sponsored by the Ridges Sanctuary.

The program will be held Friday and Saturday, Aug. 26 and 27, from 10 – 11:30 am. The same program will be presented each day. The programs will be held at The Ridges’ Marshall Cabin, and are designed for all ages, but children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult.

Participants will learn many details about this fascinating butterfly, including different stages in the monarch’s life cycle, and learn how to raise them from egg to adult. Participants will also discuss the amazing migration of monarchs from Wisconsin to their wintering areas in Mexico, and their multi-generational return in the spring. The class will finish by capturing and tagging as many butterflies as we can, in order to track them on their migration routes.

The Marshall Cabin is located at 8288 Hwy Q, Baileys Harbor. The program costs $10 per family (1 or 2 adults and their children under 18). Advance registration is requested by calling 920.839.2802.