Movies that Matter Presents “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox”

As a part of the Movies that Matter film series, the documentary Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox will be shown at the UU Fellowship in Ephraim on Nov. 16 at 4:30 pm.

Social justice is a deep abiding principle of the Unitarian Universalists’ standards for behavior in all parts of one’s life. Social justice requires that prejudices be questioned, fairness be maintained, and fair wages be paid to workers. The Social Responsibility Committee of the UU Fellowship is showing Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox to illustrate how such a company uses these techniques of management. The company’s starting salary for packaging soap is $35,000. Additionally there are generous bonuses, and the company is still profiting. The film features 70-year-old Ralph Bronner, son of the founder of Dr. Bronner’s Soap.

The UU Fellowship is located at 10341 Highway 42 in Ephraim. Movies That Matter, now beginning at 4:30 pm during the winter months, are shown on the third Tuesday of each month, free of charge. Discussion will follow the showing.

For more information, visit or call 920.854.7559.