New Campground Spurs Bigger Zoning Change in Jacksonport

A proposed campground by Cheri Lauritzen along Hwy. 57 just south of downtown Jacksonport spurred talk of creating an entirely new commercially zoned district in the town at the Plan Commission meeting on Feb. 13.

“The town has in the past discussed expanding the mixed commercial zone so I looked at it and indicated that if the town supported a change to mixed commercial for that parcel as well as others, that is a much lower hurdle,” said Bob Kufrin, Plan Commission chair. “The zoning change is done on behalf of the town rather than the individual.”

The commission supported Lauritzen’s proposal for a campground but used the opportunity to propose its own expanded commercial district.

“Converting them all to mixed commercial creates more opportunity for the town to have those owned for business use,” said Kufrin.

“I got the land from my grandpa and what we would like to do is build it into a campground to keep it in the family and also benefit Jacksonport,” said Lauritzen about the land, which lies west of Hwy. 57 across from Door County Carpet One.

The County Planning Department told Lauritzen to seek two different zoning changes for the campground and a small retail store, followed by conditional use permits.

If the town submits the application for a larger zoning change, Kufrin said it will likely get more support from the county than an application from a single property owner.

“Then it’s not a individual pushing the change, it’s the local community,” said Kufrin.

Commission member Lisa Bieri added that showing the town’s willingness to support a new business could attract others to what would become a new commercial district.

“It shows that Jacksonport is open for business, we want to help you locate here,” said Bieri.

The recommendation will go before the Jacksonport Town Board at 7pm on Feb. 28.