Door County Box: New Box Service Featuring Local Favorites

Door County Box is offering the presale of its first product. The Classic Door County Box features various local products, and 10 percent of each purchase goes to the Door County Emergency Response Fund. Boxes will ship in May.

The Classic Door County Box features products from Country Ovens, DC Chocolate Design, Death’s Door Studio & Design, Door County Candle Company, Door County Coffee & Tea Co., Door County Stickers, Jamaican Door, Julie’s Park Café & Motel, and Logan Creek Soap. 

Door County Box, established in January 2020, is a box service that allows customers near and far to experience the taste and charm of Door County and support local businesses. Products include seasonal subscription boxes and gift, wedding and hospitality boxes. To learn more, email Nic and Christiana (Gorchynsky) Trapani at [email protected]. Preorder your Door County Box at