New, Local Fiction

Algoma writer Ted Prokash announces his second novel, The Brothers Connolly, was released by Joyless House Publishing.

The summary on the novel’s cover reads: “Follow the sad strains of song emanating from the drinking holes of Dublin and the farm fields of Wallonia, drifting across the ocean and ringing down through the generations, settling finally into a somber hum along the banks of Lake Michigan. Napawaupee, Wisconsin is the hometown you all remember, where the hottest action going is high school football or statutory rape and booze is the salve for what Jesus can’t heal.

“Jack Connolly has spent the past twenty years of his life in New York City, failing as a playwright, failing at love, and generally debauching his name. Now he’s finally compelled to come crawling back home, where he must rediscover these people that are his family – these Connollys of Napawaupee; royals of a cast-off kingdom, curators of an inbred knowledge, the keepers of a dull flame…”

In The Brothers Connolly three generations of this proud, prosaic family will be defined by their aspirations, their vices, and finally, by tragedy.

The Brothers Connolly is available at Prokash lives in Algoma. His debut novel A Fool for Lesser Things is available at