New ODBS Owl Gets His Name

Open Door Bird Sanctuary (ODBS) received more than 200 submissions in the contest it hosted to name its new snowy owl. Kristin Miller won with the submission of Oslo, which honors the region’s Scandinavian history and heritage. She will receive a private tour of the sanctuary, ODBS merchandise and Oslo’s first sponsorship.

In addition to the winner, five runners-up will receive two passes for open days during the summer. They were the Andrae family, Sheryl Woehl, Cindy Euclid, Laurel Lyytinen, Peter Werling and Jemma Rae for the name Lumi; Joy St. John for Snougle; Melody Reis and Kirsten Jacquet for Birch; Kirstin Rank for Nix; and Sophie for Glacier.

Oslo arrived in Door County from Wild and Free Wildlife Rehabilitation in Garrison, Minnesota. Learn more at

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