News From This Week’s Past: Grasshoppers, Banks and Bears

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

The Expositor Independent

June 22, 1877

The bear that has been making so much trouble at the head of Sturgeon Bay, and in Sevastopol, will do so no more, for it is supposed to be the same one that was shot by Geo. Rinhart last Friday night. Mr. Rinhart was out watching for deer at a salt lick, when Bruin came along and was disposed of with one charge of buck shot. He was one of the largest ever killed in this part of the country.


The Republican

June 18, 1891

Anton Henquinet, of Gardner, thinks he has struck an iron mine on his land. He was over in Michigan when the explorations were being carried on, and hearing of the finds he concluded that his land was situated about in the center of the iron country, so he brought a miner over with him and they made explorations and sink a shaft, and the indications are that they have struck a bed of good ore. Just how far they have gone down with their shaft we are unable to state, but they think they have made enough headway so that they are satisfied with what the result will be. The Door County Mining company are not doing anything at present on their land.


Door County Democrat

June 23, 1900

The Goodrich steamer from Chicago last Monday morning brought in an unusual quantity of freight for local and country merchants. She took on a large consignment of south bound freight including two car loads of peas. In consideration of the immense amount of freight those steamers carry to and from Sturgeon Bay, we are rightfully entitled to a great deal better boat service than is being accorded us.


Door County Democrat

June 20, 1908

Election at Luxemburg

An election was held at Luxemburg on Tuesday, June 9, to decide upon the adoption of the question of a village organization. The matter was quite warmly contested, but was decided in favor of the village organization. The new village takes in the territory adjacent to the depot, but does not include the settlement known as South Luxemburg, or Spitzer’s corners. A new municipality is entitled under the charter to two representatives upon the County Board, and the principal reason for its organization is given that the residents may secure adequate fire protection.


Door County News

June 20, 1918


The Bank of Sturgeon Bay has the honor and distinction of being a member of the Federal Reserve System, which gives it considerable prominence in the financial world. The officers of the local institution as well as the city and county are to be congratulated.


Door County News

June 21, 1928


Plans are progressing nicely for the crippled child’s clinic to be held in this city on Friday, June 29. A survey of the cases in the county has been made by the committee in charge and a large number reported in Kewaunee county have also been invited to take advantage of the clinic. Miss Margaret M. Lison, executive secretary of the Wisconsin Association for the disabled will arrive in this city on the evening of June 27th to be here the day before the clinic to have everything in readiness.

The clinic simply means that crippled children may be brought to a center to be examined by a specialist, and where parents are given an opportunity to talk over their child’s condition with him. The doctor will also make recommendations in each case. There is no obligation on the part of parents in any way. The advantages of the clinic are absolutely free to everyone.


Door County News

June 23, 1938


The annual survey of grasshopper egg-laying in Door county revealed an unusually heavy deposition of eggs last fall. Although the weather to date has not been particularly favorable for hatching and development of the young hoppers, they are extremely numerous in many places. They already number from 50 to over 100 per square yard in certain localized areas on and near the hatching grounds.

Bait will be available in all townships in the quantities necessary and it is free to all farmers who want it. All farmers who are in the infested areas are urged to get bait and do their part to check this scourge. This same bait is also effective for armyworm control.

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