News From This Week’s Past: Feb. 23 – March 1

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

The Expositor Independent

February 22, 1878

Mr. A. Wagener came nigh dying last Sunday afternoon, his critical condition being caused by eating some “home-made cheese,” given him by a neighbor. The cheese is said to have been made in a brass kettle, and it is supposed a corrosive substance was formed through some parts of the cheese, while it was being made. Mr. Wagener received relief through the assistance of Dr. Hutchinson.


The Republican

February 19, 1891

The pile work was finished on the new dock on Saturday last and the work of finishing continues whenever the weather permits. Four hundred and thirty-three piles were driven in eleven days, which is pretty good work, and would indicate that Jack Ryan can handle a pile driver as lively as any of them. It is possible that a roadway may be built to the foot of Spruce street, so that the dock will be accessible from two streets, but this has not been decided definitely as yet.


Door County Democrat

February 17, 1900

Team Lost Through the Ice.

The second trip of the Menominee stage across the ice resulted in the horses and outfit being dropped into the icy waters with the loss of a good team of horses belonging to the driver, liveryman R. T. Thorp. The accident happened last Friday morning while the stage was enroute to Menominee and was within about six miles of Peshtigo harbor when the outfit ran into a wide crack. The passengers, Miss Birdie Dohearty, of this city, and two gentlemen whose names we did not learn, furthermore than that one of them was from Washington Harbor, regained the solid ice with safety and the two gentlemen with Mr. Thorp lent their best efforts to rescue the team but were unsuccessful and they drowned. The passengers made their way on foot to Peshtigo harbor.

Since the accident neither the stage from here not from the other end of the route have made the trip.


Door County Democrat,

February 20, 1909

Marinette and Menominee have had a mad dog scare and all canines not muzzled are being shot wherever they are found. A mad shepherd dog recently bit six persons and several dogs before the officers succeeded in killing it. All the injured persons were taken to the Pasteur Institute at Chicago for treatment to prevent hydrophobia. It is generally supposed that dogs are not subject to madness during cold weather but our neighbor’s experience has proved that the animals are not safe at any time without a muzzle on.


Door County News

February 21, 1918


The agricultural committee of the Council of Defense has received notice that this county will be called upon to furnish 136 acres of sugar beets, this being our quota to supply the state with its allotted supply of sweets.

The government demands it and it is up to the farmers of this community to come to the front and furnish the land. Unless we can raise the beets we will not be given any sugar. It is therefore as much a duty to the community as it is to the country.

Within a short time a man will be sent here to secure acreage and the county will be placed on record. Ten dollars a ton will be paid for the beets and people furnished to take care of them as has been done before.


Door County News,

February 24, 1927

Will Have Carp Party

It is planned to hold a carp party at Sawyer harbor some time during the spring after the ice has gone and the fish are spawning.

The harbor is said to be filled with these fish at that time, and it is proposed to get a large seine and make a haul, catching as many of the fish as possible.

The day that the party is to take place will be announced in plenty of time to enable all those who want to see the fun to do so.


Door County News,

February 23, 1939

Herlache, Miller and Carmody Make Fine Record

An aggregate of seventy-two years of continuous service to the county is the enviable record established by three of the county’s officials as they start this year on their next two year term. The officials are Emil Miller, county treasurer for 26 years, Ralph Herlache, county clerk for 24 years, and Bert Carmody, register of deeds for 22 years. All three men have lived their entire life in the county.

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