Noble House Foundation Undergoing Repairs

If you’ve driven through Fish Creek recently, you may have noticed a lot of activity and machinery around the Alexander Noble House. 

Several years ago, the Gibraltar Historical Association and the Gibraltar Building Committee noticed the building beginning to tilt on the southern end. Significant rainfall during the past several years has added to this area of the house – a stacked foundation that is not visible from the surface – sagging farther into the ground. There is a small trap door to view the dirt floor and a clearance of about 18-24 inches at best.

Laurie Buske, Gibraltar Historical Association director, said the two groups worked together to budget and receive all the approvals necessary to do a major job in a confined space. The town met with Devooght House Lifters and RM Masonry, which were assigned the project. 

“Balancing weather is never a simple task, and this March has created some hurdles,” Buske said. “Frozen ground one day, nonstop rain the next.”
A drive past the oldest remaining residence in the village, built in 1875, shows the house elevated, but securely held in place.

“We are thankful for a town board that has never wavered doing this job the correct way,” Buske said.
Once the work is complete, the house will be slowly lowered, and the soil and gardens will be put back in place. Buske said she and the rest of the Gibraltar Historical Association members look forward to this work holding for another 150 years.

“The Town of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Historical Association ask everyone to pardon our mess as this project completes,” she said. “We all look forward to Noble Square returning to a green lawn, with concerts in the park and many visitors coming and relaxing in our beautiful park.”