By the Numbers: International Migratory Bird Day


In honor of International Migratory Bird Day on May 16, here are eleven ways to conserve birds.


  1. Window collisions are a frequent cause of bird deaths. They don’t see glass, so make them more visible with stickers.


  1. Keep your cat indoors.


  1. Leave fledglings where you find them. Young chicks that leave a nest may spend several days on the ground before they are able to fly. If you think a bird is truly an orphan, call a wildlife rehabilitator for instructions.


  1. Clean your bird feeders. Dirty feeders can spread disease.


  1. Don’t buy illegally caged birds. Buy only captive-bred birds from a reputable breeder or pet store.


  1. Help reduce plastic pollution by using cloth grocery bags and reusable bottles. Birds can die from eating plastic trash.


  1. Restore natural habitat. Birds use native plants as a food source and as a place to escape predators.


  1. Keep your distance. Birds need their space. Being too close may cause them to be nervous or deplete much-needed energy reserves.


  1. Slow down when driving. Cars kill millions of birds each year.


  1. Support conservation efforts. Volunteer with organizations that preserve habitat and help birds.


  1. Avoid chemicals. Birds may accidentally ingest pesticides and herbicides.


Source: Environment for the Americas

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