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Prince of Pierogi


(920) 421-8619

Physical Address

9922 Water St. #6
Ephraim, WI 54211

About Prince of Pierogi

Come and visit the only restaurant in Door County dedicated to pierogi – Poland’s most iconic comfort food. Enjoy a variety of sweet and savory flavors of our delicious dumplings or try some of our homemade cabbage rolls, Polish sausage, Hunter’s Stew, and more! Carry-out and frozen products available. We offer an excellent beer and wine selection featuring domestic, premium, craft and imported brews and local wine.

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Prince of Pierogi Restaurant offers the authentic, difficult to duplicate and time consuming dishes delivered in a timely manner. We are all about casual dining, quick service and good times! Enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere as much as the authentic and memorable Eastern European decor.

Prince of Pierogi Restaurant offers the quality nutrition featuring local produce and fruits, however some key ingredients are imported from Poland. Organic-fed beef, organic products are in-house over baked, sautéed, or boiled. We don’t believe in microwaves or deep fryers!  If you never tried pierogi paired with a Polish lager – can you say you ever really lived?


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