Pianist Lorie Line to Perform at DCA

Entertainer/pianist Lorie Line will perform at the Door Community Auditorium on Saturday, June 27 at 7:30 pm. Line is bringing her show even closer to her fans as this summer she will perform in smaller venues all around the Midwest.

The glamorous pianist, known for her spectacular holiday show, is bringing what she calls her “jamming casual” show with five of her favorite musicians from her world-class Pop Chamber Orchestra for an intimate setting on smaller stages. Her tour will put her on almost 100 stages this year. Some of the stages and venues are so small that Line describes the experience as playing in her own living room.

“I love the big holiday production, but the smaller, intimate show in the smaller towns is my favorite concert,” says Line. “It’s a chance for the audience to really get to know me, to hear my original compositions and my favorite standards (instead of holiday songs) and to hear all the fun stories that go behind the music.”

Line is celebrating her 20th year of touring this year, and her story is amazing and one-of-a-kind. Discovered in her hometown of Minneapolis in a department store once called Dayton’s, Line serenaded shoppers who loved her music and encouraged her to record CDs.

Since that time she has recorded over 20 albums, and has published 20 complete books of music of her own arrangements. She has sold over 6 million albums, and most likely owns and runs the largest female independent label in the country.

Line will be autographing CDs and taking photos with fans in the lobby following the performance. Tickets are $29/person plus ticketing fees. For more information, call 920.868.2728 or visit