• PODCAST: Stories from the Door

    From the bar to the bottom of Lake Michigan, this collection of stories from Door County Living Magazine spans the civil war to present day. Stories read include:“Through Violet’s Eyes” by Sharon Auberle and read by Maddy Schierl‘The Sage of Shivering Sands’ written by Jim Lunstrom and read by Andrew KleidonThe Bayside Tavern: Door County’s Great […]

  • PODCAST: All About Cherries with Carrie Lautenbach-Viste

    Andrew and Aleah sit down with Carrie Lautenbach-Viste to talk everything cherries. From the history of the cherry on the peninsula and Cherryland USA, to pick your own cherries, cherry wine, and more.

  • PODCAST: Pebble Beach Public and Protected in Perpetuity

    Andrew and Myles round up this weeks news, including the changing mood at the Sturgeon Bay City Hall, snags for the West Waterfront Redevelopment Plan, the Tall Ship Festival this weekend, and the Village of Sister Bay and the Door County Land Trust’s plan to purchase and protect Pebble Bay. After the break Myles sits […]

  • PODCAST: 7000apart Performs at Fika

    Jon Kresin and Amelie Eiding, the husband and wife team behind 7000apart, a Swedish/American Organic Pop Duo call in to talk recording an album, their first international tour, and their first Door County performance at Fika Bakery & Cafe in Fish Creek this weekend. 7000apart will be performing at Fika Bakery & Cafe in Fish Creek Sunday, July 28th at 6:30pm

  • PODCAST: A New Vision for Sturgeon Bay’s West Waterfront

    Andrew and Myles break down this weeks news, including a proposal to remove fines for marijuana possession, the sale of the West Side School in Sturgeon Bay, and Brick Party by the Bay, a Sister Bay Lego party. After the break the Ad Hoc West Waterfront Planning Committee presented a new proposal for Sturgeon Bay’s […]

  • PODCAST: Arts & The Outdoors with Maddy Schierl

    Andrew sits down with Pulse Entertainment and Outdoor Intern Maddy Schierl to talk great literature, fine art, outdoor activities, and writing for the Pulse this summer.

  • PODCAST: By Land, By Sea, By Bike

    Andrew and Myles break down the weeks news, including The Premier Resort Area Tax which Sturgeon Bay had hoped to have included in the state budget to fund street repairs did not get approved, and what that means moving forward. Fish Creek has made considerable progress on their beach, and the Door County Triathlon this […]

  • PODCAST: H E I S T with Ryan Castelaz & Kindred DeGutis

    Andrew Kleidon and Sam Kersebet are joined by Ryan Castelaz and Kindred DeGutis to talk about their new venture with chef Cait Caccio: H E I S T, a new modern tavern in Sturgeon Bay.

  • PODCAST: Egg Harbor: The Sleeping Giant of Tourism

    Andrew and Myles preview the latest issue of Door County Living Magazine, and get excited for what might be the highlight of Myles’ year, the Kids Triathlon. Then we break down the Door County Tourism Zone’s annual report, detailing the drop in the number of hotel units over the last decade, the increase in AirBNB’s, […]

  • PODCAST: Granary Moves, Shopko Closes, and the Sister Bay Shuttle

    Andrew and Myles tackle this weeks news, including the Granary making its return trip across the Oregon St. Bridge, Sister Bay is starting a shuttle service to help alleviate congestion and parking, as well as combat drunk driving, and Shopko closes its doors in Sister Bay, what that means for its employees, the community, and […]

  • PODCAST: Playwriting with Stephen & Corrie Beula Kovacs

    Andrew sits down with Stephen & Corrie Beula Kovacs to talk playwriting, a little bit of Wisconsin history, and their first musical, We Like it Where? premiering at Northern Sky Theater this summer.

  • PODCAST: The Graduation Issue, Recalls in Forestville, and the Granary Moves Back

    It seems like there’s a festival every weekend in Door County this time of year! Andrew Kleidon and Myles Dannhausen recap the Door County Beer Festival and Peninsula Century: Spring Classic, and prepare for this weekend’s Uncork Summer, and Wine Fest. Also this week: Recall Petitions Filed Against 2 County Supervisors for Millpond Votes, The […]

  • PODCAST: Sushi with Curtis Massad and Kelly Hartzell of Crate

    Andrew and Aleah are joined by Curtis Massad and Kelly Hartzell of Crate in Sturgeon Bay to talk sushi, seafood, and more.

  • PODCAST: Beers, Bikes, and Copyright Infringement

    Andrew and Myles break down the weekend’s events, including the Door County Beer Festival and the Peninsula Century Spring Classic which will bring close to 2,000 people into Bailey’s Harbor. After the break we put the spotlight on Holly LaPlant, a young woman who’s embraced her family farm, and recap the story of how a […]

  • PODCAST: One on One with Lucy Hodkiewicz

    Andrew and Celeste sit down with Lucy Hodkiewicz of The Lightbox in Ephraim to talk art, screen printing, and building a business from scratch.

  • PODCAST: Genevieve Heyward Talks Music, Touring, and More

    Andrew Kleidon and Celeste Benzschawel are joined by Genevieve Heyward, a singer/songwriter with roots on Washington Island, to talk about producing her first album, her part in the Steel Bridge Songfest, collaborations with local artists, and her first international tour.

  • PODCAST: Celebrate Water Summit

    Andrew Kleidon is joined by Grace Johnson and Annie Egan to talk about the Celebrate Water Summit, the culmination of a year-long, county-wide focus on the Great Lakes.

  • PODCAST: Water Levels Approach Record Highs

    Andrew Kleidon and Myles Dannhausen have the latest on Door 2 Door, a public transit system out of Sturgeon Bay which provides transportation to many seniors and others with limited mobility, which has had its future in flux over the last few months. Also this week sessions on affordable housing in Door County have been […]

  • PODCAST: 2019 Summer Music Preview

    Andrew Kleidon is joined by Grace Johnson, and Celeste Benzschawel to talk about the upcoming 2019 Summer Music Preview, the new Weekly Music Preview newsletter, and to take a peak at some of the upcoming artists playing in Door County this summer.

  • PODCAST: Sister Bay Buildings get a Retro Facelift

    After a brief, (I promise, it’s brief,) discussion on Game of Thrones final season, Andrew and Myles jump into the news. This week: Highway 42 through Ephraim will be open for Memorial Day weekend, some new businesses are opening in Sister Bay, and both On Deck and Al Johnson’s have redone the exteriors of their […]