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  • PODCAST: What Winter Reveals

    Myles Dannhausen with an essay on life in winter on the peninsula, with some words from the late writer Norb Blei.

  • PODCAST: The Rebirth of Baileys Harbor with Writer Ben Jones

    Ben Jones joins the podcast to talk about his recent story about the reinvention of Baileys Harbor. He talks with Myles Dannhausen about the evolution of the town from the sleepy, “quiet side” to a bustling food and drink hub still holding tight to its small-town, laid-back ethos.

  • PODCAST: The Holiday Season Kicks Off

    Sturgeon Bay is kicking off the holiday season with Christmas By the Bay, then the rest of the county joins in the cheer next week. Myles Dannhausen Jr. and Debra Fitzgerald run down everything going on for the season, plus a look at the latest round of Destination Door County’s Community Investment Fund grants.

  • PODCAST: The Making of Ridge and Swale with Director Brett Kosmider

    It took over 100 hours of footage, 43 interviews and 1,400 hours of editing to create Ridge and Swale, the documentary celebrating the legacy of conservation in Door County. Myles Dannhausen Jr. talks to director Brett Kosmider about the film, his process and what lessons we can learn today from the conservation battles of the […]

  • PODCAST: Child Care Progress and Big Money for Local Budgets

    It’s municipal budget season and several communities have big expenses on the docket that will trickle down to their taxpayers. Myles Dannhausen Jr. and Debra Fitzgerald break down a couple of these budgets and why its so hard for municipalities to get ahead. Plus, Peninsula Players gets a big grant and the Northern Door Children’s […]

  • PODCAST: Clearing New Trails in Egg Harbor

    A plan for new multimodal paths to connect Egg Harbor to Fish Creek is taking shape with the help of the National Park Service. Community Planner Christopher Morgan and Landscape Architect Patrick Lydon of the National Park Service join the podcast to talk about their work assisting the village in engaging the public and planning […]

  • PODCAST: The Aftermath of the Rowleys Bay Resort Fire

    Jewel Peterson Ouradnik is the 11th child in a family of 12 kids who grew up at Rowleys Bay Resort in Ellison Bay, which was purchased by her parents in 1970. A fire the day after Labor Day weekend destroyed a big part of the resort, lodge and bakery at the end of County Road […]

  • PODCAST: To the Bar with Cocktail Expert Anders Erickson

    Anders Erickson got his start behind the bar at the late, great T. Ashwell’s in Ellison Bay. Twenty years later he has turned his cocktail skills into a thriving cocktail channel on YouTube where he has nearly 500,000 subscribers and his cocktail recipe videos garner millions of views. He joins Myles Dannhausen Jr. to talk […]

  • PODCAST: When Curly Lambeau Roamed Gibraltar’s Sideline

    In 1959 legendary coach Curly Lambeau was finished roaming NFL sidelines, but football was never far from his mind. Retired to his cottage in Fish Creek, he showed up at a Gibraltar Vikings high school football practice and was soon instructing players for coach Pat Spielman. Herb Gould joins Myles Dannhausen Jr. to talk about […]

  • PODCAST: A Housing Trust Model from Fishers Island

    Fishers Island is a community of about 400 people off the coast of Long Island that has faced some of the same housing shortfalls for residents that Door County is grappling with. But in 1987, residents of the island came together with land and money to devise a solution. Myles Dannhausen Jr. talks to the […]

  • PODCAST: The Devil’s Element with Dan Egan and Mark Holey

    Pulitzer-nominated author Dan Egan joined Mark Holey and Myles Dannhausen Jr. for a special Fish Tales lecture series event at Crossroads at Big Creek on Oct. 16. Egan, the author of Phosphorus: The Devil’s Element. They talked about the vital element that is a key component of one of the most vital substances on earth: […]

  • PODCAST: Door County’s Citizen Scientists

    What’s a citizen scientist and why are they so important to Door County conservation and land protection organizations? Debra Fitzgerald finds out from Paige Witek, community conservation coordinator for the Door County Land Trust, and Tony Kiszonas, director of research for The Ridges Sanctuary, prior to the first Citizen Science Symposium that will take place […]

  • PODCAST: Fall Fest, a Room Tax Report and the Latest on Egg Harbor’s Highway Project

    Myles Dannhausen Jr. and Debra Fitzgerald dive into the news of the week with a brief look at Fall Fest and a deeper dive into the latest room tax numbers and what those returns say about the state of tourism in the county. Then they talk about what’s coming for Egg Harbor’s highway reconstruction project […]

  • PODCAST: How Vail is Making Housing Affordable

    In the third part of our series on the affordable housing shortage, Mia Vlaar joins the podcast to talk about the variety of approaches the Town of Vail, Colorado is using to build its affordable housing stock. She talks to Myles Dannhausen Jr. about their program to purchase deed restrictions, changes in legislation to divert […]

  • PODCAST: Getting it Built with Affordable Housing Developer Marissa Downs

    In July the most ambitious affordable housing project to date in Door County opened in Sister Bay. Within weeks, nearly all of the income-restricted units were full. Myles Dannhausen Jr. talks to developer Marissa Downs about what it took to make it happen, some of the misconceptions about the development, and why it’s so hard […]

  • PODCAST: Tony Brown Returns

    A familiar name returns to Door County in October when musician Tony Brown comes home for a show. Deb Fitzgerald talks to Myles Dannhausen Jr. about her interview with Brown in this week’s Pulse, then they talk about Cycling Without Age, a program that gets people back outside and in nature with the use of […]

  • PODCAST: The Housing Puzzle with Bret Bicoy

    In the first of a series of conversations over the next few weeks, Myles Dannhausen Jr. discusses local initiatives and challenges in piecing the housing puzzle together. We also look beyond the county’s boundaries to examine approaches being used in other communities, such as Vail, Colorado and with local leaders, developers and Fisher Island, New […]

  • PODCAST: Unmoored in Egg Harbor

    An August windstorm exposed serious problems with the Egg Harbor Marina’s floating pier system. Deb Fitzgerald joins Myles Dannhausen Jr. on the podcast to discuss what happened, plus a proposal for a pop-up roundabout in the village. Then they talk about dog rules at a northern Door County park.

  • PODCAST: Fire Signs and Comprehensive Planning with Mariah Goode

    The County of Door is replacing all the emergency, green-and-white fire signs in all of the towns at every single address, at a cost that’s been estimated at more than $1 million and is being funded, in part, with American Rescue Plan Act dollars. Debra Fitzgerald talks with Mariah Goode, director of the county’s Land […]

  • PODCAST: Bringing the Inward Out with Katie Dahl

    Andrew Kleidon is joined by singer, songwriter, and playwright Katie Dahl to talk about her musical journey thus far. From the broken wrist that got her to pick up a guitar, to making a career in music in Door County, and touring beyond. After the break we dig deeper into her songwriting and performance process […]