Quick Q&A with Leroy’s Barista Leigh Saltes

Brittany Jordt (BJ): How do you choose your music?

Leigh Saltes (LS): Ryan [Leary, Leroy’s owner,] has an iPod with tons of music on it. In the mornings we’re supposed to have jazz on.

BJ: The mornings are always jazz?

LS: Yeah, because of all the older clientele.

BJ: Are there any other stipulations?

LS: No. It has to be…tasteful. Some of the other baristas have a “Leroy’s” playlist on their iPod. Ryan also got us a Pandora subscription.

BJ: Music of the moment?

LS: We play a lot of M. Ward. Ryan really likes Greg Brown.

BJ: What’s your favorite drink to make?

LS: A cappuccino.

BJ: Are you fond of foam?

LS: Yeah, I like it a lot. Trying to get the perfect amount…

BJ: Do you do designs in the foam?

LS: In lattes. We do hearts or leaves.

BJ: What’s your least favorite drink?

LS: A macchiato, because it doesn’t exist.

BJ: Like they’re ordering off the Starbuck’s menu. What’s the most popular drink?

LS: I’d say the flavored lattes, or iced.

BJ: Your coffee comes from Luna?

LS: Yes, which is cool because they’re so close, and they make really good coffee.

BJ: What can you tell me about the baby rubber band ball?

LS: He’s like an 8 or 9-year-old baby now.

BJ: Favorite thing about working here?

LS: Getting to drink awesome coffee all day. And working here quadrupled all the people I knew in Door County.


LS: I have a new least-favorite drink. Someone ordered a “diet latte.” It’s a latte with skim milk and sugar free hazelnut.