Raptors Visit Door Shakespeare

Open Door Bird Sanctuary visits Door Shakespeare on July 31 at 6:30 pm as part of Will In The Woods, a free education initiative sponsored by Door County Medical Center. The sanctuary, which provides homes on it 34-acre estate for non-releasable birds of prey, will bring raptors commonly used in falconry during Elizabethan times to the Door Shakespeare stage on the grounds of Björklunden.

Follow up Open Door Bird Sanctuary’s peek into Elizabethan life with a 7:30 pm performance of The Comedy of Errors, directed by Leda Hoffmann. The popular tale follows the path of two sets of twins (separated at birth) that are in the same port town at the same exact time. Mistaken identity fuels this farcical misadventure with heart.

Celebrate the legacy of William Shakespeare by gathering with friends and family prior to The Comedy of Errors for a lively and interactive discussion. This event brings those present to get a bit closer to the centuries old history and tradition of William Shakespeare’s work. Register for Will In The Woods (a free event) and purchase tickets to The Comedy of Errors by calling 920.839.1500, visiting the daytime box office in downtown Baileys Harbor, or by visiting

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