Respect, Honesty and Grace

I expected letters in response to Signe Onsrud’s letter, but was shocked to see how nasty they were.

Mrs. Onsrud is appalled that babies born alive were then murdered. If you research the trial of Kermit Gosnell you will find evidence of this. He was convicted of murder, but it took way too long because so many people looked the other way. How many states have been unable to pass legislation to protect babies born alive? Our own governor said he would veto such a bill. Our disagreement is usually based on what we believe is being killed. Is it human life? It is life, and dependent on the mother, but with its own distinct (human) DNA.

One respondent started with name-calling, then accused her of “flat out lies and ridiculous conspiracy theories.” At least one of the presidential candidates has stated a desire to allow illegal immigrants to vote. I don’t believe the only benefits they are receiving are food stamps if they have a child who is a citizen. I did a simple web-search and found a long list of benefits. It included the statement that some benefits they weren’t legally entitled to, they do, in fact, get. It was a NY government site.

There is plenty of lying and profanity on both sides. I am surprised so many believe he did something just because he bragged about it in a locker room. Actually, I don’t think they believe it. They just pretend to as it suits them.

Mrs. Onsrud didn’t defend all of the actions of President Trump. People must have seen something they liked in him to vote for him. Perhaps they considered his policies and knowing that what you see is what you get.

Now, can we play nice and tolerate each other’s beliefs and positions? Please?

Vivian Nienow

Sister Bay, Wisconsin