Sharpen Your Skills

Sharpen your field skills for the Christmas Bird Count at The Ridges Optics Workshop, Nov. 19 at 1 pm. This is the third in a series of Christmas Bird Count classes and the workshop that every birder wishes they’d taken. Field guides identify the bird, but binoculars show you the bird. Mastering the use of outdoor equipment can make the difference between a hit and a miss, a breathtakingly beautiful sight or a missed opportunity that can never be recreated.

Ridges Education Specialist Brian Forest will instruct on the use of spotting scopes and binoculars and how to get the most out of each optical instrument. Participants will also be given an overview of binocular styles and functions, including adjusting the diopter and other tricks of the trade, as well as a short review of basic birding ID techniques. The classroom session will be followed by a hike to practice new skills.

The final workshop in the Christmas Bird Count series, Field Guides and Reference Materials, will be held on Dec. 3. Workshops meet at the Ridges Marshall Cabin, 8288 Cty Q in Baileys Harbor. Fees are $10/adult for Ridges members, $13/adult for the general public and $5 for children under 18. For more information and to register call 920.839.2802.