LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shout-out to DC Medical Center Physiotherapists

Having recently had knee-replacement surgery, I chose to go to the DC Medical rehab facility to get myself back in shape. I cannot express my thanks enough to the physiotherapists for their dedication and work


Getting to know the patient is a part of PT’s role, building confidence and giving support to those in pain, and making them feel more like family and “we’re in this together.” Over the course of several weeks, I had two PTs in particular who gave me support and self-assurance that I could reach my goals to get back to doing better than before surgery. I was very impressed by their knowledge and level of expertise and will be forever grateful to them.

While going through my 45-minute exercise regimen, I also watched other patients recovering from various surgeries and injuries, each one being worked on with care and compassion by other PTs or APTs. This prompted me to write and thank everyone who works at the rehab facility, for they are truly a blessing.

R. Peter Jackson

Nasewaupee, Wisconsin