Sister Bay Lodging Up Nearly 19 Percent Through June

Sister Bay has collected 18.54 percent more room tax revenue through June of 2017 than in the same period last year.

Returns were up 19.11 percent in June, year over year. Jacksonport, Baileys Harbor and Washington Island also saw significant increases, while the Village of Egg Harbor experienced a slow month in June, with returns dropping 4.7 percent.

County-wide room tax collections are up 5.8 percent through June of 2017 over the same period last year.

While Sister Bay’s average price per room stayed nearly the same ($148 this June, $146 last June), occupancy rates increased 17.8 percent, with nearly 60 percent of rooms occupied during the month.

Other municipalities making significant gains in room tax dollars collected through June include Jacksonport (16.79 percent), Baileys Harbor (14.56) and Washington Island (10.48).

The towns of Clay Banks, Forestville, Gardner and the City of Sturgeon Bay all saw slight decreases in room tax dollars collected through June.

As of Aug. 17, there are still 52 properties that have not reported for June.

Other things of note from the June Room Tax Report include:

  • Countywide, occupancy rates jumped 70 percent between May and June this year. The average price for a room increased from $113 to $151.
  • The Door County Tourism Zone collected $1,132,261 in room tax through June of 2017. Of that, $747,292 goes to the Door County Visitor Bureau and $339,678 is dispersed among the municipalities.
  • There are 523 rentals listed on VRBO, 526 listed on Homeaway, and 194 permitted rental units listed on AirBnB for Door County. The city of Sturgeon Bay leads with 35, while the Town of Egg Harbor has 30.

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