St. Benedict Seminar at Church of Atonement

Rev. Gary B. Manning

The Rev. Gary B. Manning will lead a seminar titled “Giving Up the Narrative of Decline: Learnings from the Rule of St. Benedict” on June 25 at 7 pm at the Church of Atonement in Fish Creek.

Manning, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Wauwatosa, says, “The Episcopal Church (and its Anglican forebears) owes greatly to the spirituality found in the Rule of St. Benedict – particularly as it relates to worship, hospitality and service. Reclaiming this spirituality is, I believe central to nurturing a vibrant parish life and ultimately, reclaiming a positive narrative regarding how we, as Episcopalians, proclaim the Good News.”

Rev. Manning is a “second vocation” priest, graduating from The Virginia Theological Seminary and becoming Associate Rector at Christ and St. Luke’s Church in Norfolk, Va. Rev. Manning will also conduct 8 and 10 am services at the Church of Atonement on June 22 and 29.