Sturgeon Bay Granary Could Move Monday

The Teweles and Brandeis grain elevator could move back across the Oregon Street Bridge as soon as Monday.

The structure was moved across the bridge in March 2018 to save it from the wrecking ball after the city ordered it razed. During the 15 months since that move, the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society has cleaned it, replaced the roof, repaired some damaged portions of the structure and fought for approval to move it back to its original home on the west waterfront.

Since that move, the granary has sat on steel girders on the property of Peter Moede at the eastern foot of the Oregon Street Bridge. “It was really the only option we had at the time to save a historic treasure,” said Christie Weber, president of the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society. But Weber said the granary belongs on the west side.

“It’s our belief that the building should never have been moved in the first place, but the alternative at the time was total dismantling; it would be a pile of lumber sitting in a barn right now,” she said. “By putting the granary back on its pilings, which still exist, we maintain its historic significance – which is critical for receiving grants – and we negate the need to have new pilings drilled, which is an unnecessary expense.”

The granary’s development agreement calls for review by several city departments and committees and for all work to be completed by September 1, 2021.