Take a Swing at Johnson’s Park

(Left to right) Tracy Slattery, Loren Wilde, and Sally Slattery prepare to swing away in the Johnson’s Park batting cages.

On a dreary evening, a few of us headed to Johnson’s Park in Sister Bay, put on plastic helmets and took a few practice swings before entering the batting cages.

Suggestion: If it’s been awhile since you have swung a bat, start at the ‘slow’ batting cage and work your way up.

Wisely, Tracy chose slow-pitch. She watched the yellow ball arch high in the air before swinging with all her might. For the first few pitches, she nearly toppled over without making contact. Until, she worked out her timing, and CRACK – one line drive after another.

I jumped right into medium-speed baseball pitches. Why not? I played middle school fast pitch, and was mediocre.

The balls came whizzing, smacking the metal fence behind me. I maybe got one or two solid hits.

Loren had less luck then me, but there is always next time.

Suggestion: Bring lots of quarters.

Though, three quarters provides enough swings to lose your breath. Three quarters also provides a stress relieving, hand-eye coordinating activity that is quite addicting and satisfying – or frustrating.

Suggestion: Enjoy all the park has to offer!

What was meant to be a quick stop at the batting cages became a white-knuckle, giggle-infested buzz around the Go-Kart track. The park also includes a mini-golf course and an arcade, something for everyone!

Johnson’s Park is located on 349 N. Highland Road (Highway 42) in Sister Bay.