TAP Kickoffs the 2018 Season April 5 with “Gray’s Anatomy”

Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) presents its first show of the season, Gray’s Anatomy by Spalding Gray, April 5-22. The play features Doug Mancheski and is directed by Robert Boles.

In middle age, Spalding Gray (played by Mancheski) has entered “the Bermuda Triangle of health,” that place where the body begins to break down in alarming and humiliating ways. His immediate problem is an eye complaint that could be corrected with minor surgery. But for the high priest of high anxiety, nothing is ever minor. And so Gray embarks on a crazed crusade for wellness that takes him from a Native American sweat lodge to a dictatorial nutritionist and, finally, to a gory session with the “Elvis Presley of psychic surgeons” in the Far East.

With a talent for live performance, Gray co-founded the Wooster Theater Group in New York City in 1977. Gray’s next acclaimed performance was “Swimming to Cambodia,” based on his own experience traveling to Thailand to appear in the film The Killing Fields. The one-man play won an Obie award and was adapted into an award-winning feature film in 1987. Throughout the 1980s, Gray continued to appear in supporting roles on the big screen and on Broadway, but his most unforgettable performances were those he wrote and performed on his own. These included Monster in a Box and Gray’s Anatomy, both were made into feature films.

TAP is now offering discounted season tickets for all six 2018 studio theatre productions. Will Durst will return to TAP for Mid-Term Madness for four shows only, Sept. 5-8. Anyone purchasing a six-show package by April 22 can purchase a ticket to the show for only $12.

Gray’s Anatomy will be performed Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 pm, and on Sunday at 2 pm. For more information and tickets, visit


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